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plain text in title

Diff Text - Compares Plain Text Free web-based utility that compares and reports differences in plain text.
Size: 21KB
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OCR to Text microsoft word 2003 quick office free  
Get Plain Text Get rid of formatting
Size: 121.72K
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clipboard text clipboard Remover format format text  
Plain Text Changes what ever is in the clipboard to plain text
Size: 207 KB
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Converter convert clipboard Convert Text Quotation Unicode  
text/plain Firefox extension that treats selected plain text urls as links
Size: 14 KB
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open Firefox extension firefox add-on opener  
Copy As Plain Text A very efficient Firefox extension that copies the selected text to the clipboard while removing format...
Size: 27 KB
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Remove firefox add-on Clear formatting remove formatting  
Plain Text (Java) Convert Unicode characters to plain text.
Size: 208.68K
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unicode text Unicode to text convert unicode  

plain text in tags

AH Notes AH Notes is a very simple plain text editor, taking inspiration from Microsoft's Notepad.
Size: 1 MB
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editor edit text text editor Edit Text Sober.AH antivirus  
Stephanie Stephanie Use stephanie anywhere plain text is needed. Stephanie always copies as plain text
Size: 161 KB
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copy text clipboard utility plain plain text editor  
Tom's eTextReader Displays plain text in a two-page book-like style
Size: 334 KB
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read text text text book Page Style text style plain text  
Jot-A-Lot Jot-A-Lot - Keep Track Of Your Notes
Size: 556 KB
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store text Insert plain text store files Tag browser lot  
MikkoPPC MikkoPPC creates word completion data for PocketPCs
Size: 541 KB
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Word text PocketPC text completion execute upon completion  
CMSort CMSort is a command line tool to sort text files with DOS, WINDOWS, UNIX, MAC (or even mixed!) end-of-line marks
Size: 57 KB
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sort text line-end character line line by line viewer  

plain text in description

Get Plain Text Portable Get plain Text runs and removes unwanted formatting from the clipboard in less than a second. So you can paste unformatted text to any application!Get Plain Text is a freeware solution to this problem...
Size: 29.19K
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text formatting text delete delete text  
officEEnigma officEEnigma is a small and easy to use program that will allow you to safely encrypt any plain text. Type your plain text, enter a secret password or passphrase then by pressing the Cipher button, th...
Size: 66 KB
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encrypt text Encryption Decryption decrypt text cypher  
jplaintext jplaintext is a small, handy Java library specially designed to help you deal with data from plain text input. Plain text files are still around and sometimes a Java program wants to process data from...
Size: 37 KB
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organizer organize Java library develop manage data  
PDF to Plain Text OCR Converter VeryPDF PDF to plain Text OCR Converter is a Command Line application uses Optical Character Recognition technology to OCR PDF documents to editable Plain Text files, PDF to Plain Text OCR Converter n...
Size: 4378K
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text to pdf pdf to text PDF to text converter plain  
Copy Plain Text - Jetpack Copy plain Text - Jetpack is a Firefox extension designed to copy plain text, without formatting it, to the clipboard. Simply select text then opposite click on the selection and click "Copy - Plain T...
Size: 172 KB
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copy text format firefox addon plain text copy text  
Rtf to Text/Html rtf files in specified directory (and all subdirectories) and converts them to plain text or HTML files. There are two types of plain text convertion: brutal (just deleting of all RTF-keywords, for pl...
Size: 1000 KB
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create RTF RTF RTF Creator rtf editor edit RTF RTF exporter